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The Swiss Orpheus: Ludwig Sennfl

Kathleen Berg, one of Lincoln's Waites, has recently authored and published a definitive book about Ludwig Sennfl (or Senfl): "The 'Swiss Orpheus' - Ludwig Sennfl". The book was launched on 14th November 2008.

Ludwig Sennfl by Hans Schwarz, circa 1519

Although Sennfl (Senfl) was Swiss by birth, he lived and worked in Southern Germany. This fantastic book is Kathleen's appraisal of the life and works of Ludwig Sennfl (1489/91 - 1543) and includes a great deal of fascinating biographical detail as well as the more academic content that you would expect to read. For this reason, it is something more than a mere text-book - rather, it is a very readable account of Sennfl's life including his influence on both his peers and later generations.

The book opens with these words:

  • This is not a book only about one man and his music. It is about the whole social, religious, political and musical life in one area of Germany that made it possible for one man to produce the music that he did.

The music Kathleen has included are all complete pieces. No short examples or extracts. These 41 pieces of music, together with a few others, are also available separately, in a format designed for performers. In time, Sennfl's Vesper and Magnificat settings will be added to the list as well.

This is the culmination of some years of study and research, including visits to Germany when Kathleen has spent many hours examining original (unpublished) Sennfl (Senfl) manuscripts in German libraries and archives.


Kathleen Berg Kathleen Berg with the City of Lincoln Waits


You can purchase the complete book for £25.00, or just the sheet music, direct from the author:

email:     Phone: 01522 527530


Augsburg Cathedral - one of Sennfl's haunts The Hofgarten, Munich - one of Sennfl's haunts Augsburg Cathedral - one of Sennfl's haunts