City of Lincoln Waites - Recreated

21st April 2009 - Waites Officially Adopted by City of Lincoln Council

The City of Lincoln Waites with their new Badges of Office
Certificate issued by the Mayor

The 21st of April is an auspicious date: Five hundred years ago to this day, on 21st April 1509, Henry VII died and, at the age of seventeen, Henry VIII effectively became King (although his father's death was kept a secret and not made known until the evening of 23rd April, with the new King being proclaimed on 24th April 1509). Henry VIII held the English throne for the next 38 years - until 1547.

On 21st April 2009, during a meeting of the full Council, Councillor Ronald Hills, Mayor of Lincoln, proposed "that the City of Lincoln officially recognise the Lincoln Waites as the official City of Lincoln Waites Band". The motion was seconded by Councillor David Grattrick and was carried unanimously. After this, the Mayor presented the Waites with replicas of the 1710 Lincoln Waites badge. These beautiful pewter badges are copies of the silver original. They have the Lincoln Coat of Arms on the front and the Royal coat of arms on the reverse. Waites wear these badges to signify thier alliegence and loyalty to the Mayor and City of Lincoln.

The City of Lincoln Waites are very grateful for this honour and are delighted to join their colleagues of Leeds, York and London, as Official Waites. Leeds Waits were recognised by Leeds City Council in 1990; York Waites were first given permission to bear the city's arms in 1982; and the London Symphony Orchestra were appointed official City Waits of London in 1968.

The 21st of April is also the real Birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II (although the Queen's Official Birthday is celebrated in June).

During this same week, along with all Englishmen, on 23rd April we celebrated Saint George's day. Then on Saturday 25th April we enjoyed a pleasant meal with our friends of the Gild of Freemen and Lady Freemen of the City of Lincoln, at which the Waites played a selection of Medieval and early Tudor music. After dinner Allister Garrod, Master of the City of Lincoln Waites, gave a talk on the history of Waites in Lincoln, their role in Civic life and the Lincoln Waites' Badge of 1710.


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